Iron-On Instructions for Patches

Ensure the Surface is Smooth & Flat for the Patch to Properly Adhere
It’s essential to ensure that the area receiving the patch is as flat as possible, as any wrinkles could disrupt the bond. Some fabrics and surfaces are easier to manage than others.

Lay the garment flat and iron out any wrinkles or creases. A clean kitchen countertop or table works just as well, but in either case, you’ll want to place the garment on a sizeable doubled-up towel to create resistance.

Applying the Patch
Use Iron or Heat Press to Apply the Patch
Firm pressure and heat are the key factors to ensure your patch successfully adheres. Check the care label on the garment to ensure it’s iron-friendly.

Next, heat levels!
Your iron should be set to the highest temperature. If it’s a steam iron, disable the steam setting and ensure the water tank is empty. Choose the area on the garment for the patch and iron it first to ensure it’s completely flat.

Place the patch and make sure it isn’t crooked. Tip: use a thin handkerchief or linen to cover the patch while you iron; this protects both the patch and the surrounding fabric. Ensure you don’t inadvertently move the position of the patch underneath.

Press hard initially for around 15 seconds, using a timer or your phone to check. Next, keep the iron or press moving so it doesn’t stick, maintaining an even pressure. Keep applying heat and pressure for around three minutes.

Flip the garment and iron the reverse of the area where the patch is for about another three minutes. This step should be done without covering the patch with a cloth or thin towel.

Remove the iron and allow the patch to cool. Check its stability by gently rubbing at the edge with your finger. While we recommend trying to lift it for security, wait until the patch has cooled so you don’t disrupt the seal.

If the edge of the patch starts to lift, replace the towel and press down the iron again for approximately ten seconds. This step should do the trick!

If you have applied a paper transfer patch, wait until it’s completely cool before peeling away the paper.